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Our Services

At Starry Holistic Health, we offer a range of services to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. 

Discover a New Level of Wellness

At Starry Sky Holistic Health, our services are tailored to address the root causes of health issues and promote overall well-being. Our services include thorough health assessments, advanced laboratory testing, and in-depth consultations with our nurse practitioner. We provide personalized treatment plans that integrate dietary and lifestyle modifications, targeted supplementation, and stress management techniques to address imbalances in the body and optimize health outcomes. 


The Starry Pathway is a 3-month personalized functional medicine program tailored to your specific health needs. We begin with an in-depth intake visit and personalized recommendations. Followed by one advanced lab test with a 60-minute Review of Findings (ROF) visit. Also included are (4) 30-minute follow-up practitioner sessions and 15% off supplements and additional labs. Stay connected with our Coaching App, HIPAA-compliant texting, and PDF Info Guide. Engage in group Q&A sessions and streamline your routine with Clever Fox wellness tracker and supplement organizer. 


Starry Sky Solution:
Weight Loss

​The Starry Sky Solution is a comprehensive program designed to guide you toward your weight loss goals. Our program begins with a thorough comprehensive intake visit, where we assess your current health status, lifestyle habits, and weight loss objectives. Next, we conduct comprehensive lab work to uncover any underlying factors contributing to your weight concerns, ensuring a tailored approach to your success. We will develop a customized meal plan and our coaching app and tracker will keep you accountable and motivated, allowing you to monitor your progress and track your results. In addition to lifestyle modifications and nutritional support, our program may also include medications, carefully prescribed and monitored by our healthcare provider to optimize your results.

Astral Athlete program 

The Astral Athlete program combines nutritional insights with cutting-edge science to optimize your athletic performance. Our program begins with a comprehensive intake visit, where we delve into your health history, goals, and lifestyle factors. Next, we conduct lab testing, utilizing a Comprehensive Profile to identify any nutritional deficiencies or insufficiencies that may be impacting your performance. After analyzing the findings, we schedule a follow-up review visit to discuss the results in detail and develop a personalized plan tailored to your needs. This plan includes a sports performance supplement protocol designed to enhance your endurance, strength, and recovery. 

Starry Sky Sick Call 

Our 30-minute telehealth visits, priced at just $50, offer an opportunity to address your health concerns promptly and effectively. Whether you're battling cold/flu symptoms, sinus infections, urinary tract infections (UTIs), or allergies, our nurse practitioner is here to guide you through the healing process.

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